Frequently asked questions

What are your pieces made from?

Amongst other things, latex, grease paints and mouldable plastic. The earring posts are stainless steel.

Why are your pieces so expensive?

Each piece is made by hand and so we have to add the cost of the materials to the cost of our time.

My piece hasn't arrived yet! Is it lost?

If your piece was customised, it may have been made especially for you. Check your emails to see if you have had a dispatch email yet. It can take a few days (or longer) to make each piece.

Do you only make horror jewellery?

We work mostly in special efects make up, so that has a heavy influence on what we like to create. We can consider making other pieces for you if you have something in mind.

Ugh! What's up with the teeth?

One of our team members used to have reoccuring nightmares about teeth... Yes, we're evil like that!